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Adult social care

Apply for meals on wheels

Pay care fees (residential and non-residential care charges)

Request a social care assessment

Request a personal alarm (Telecare)


Apply for benefits

Apply for discretionary housing payment

Pay housing benefit overpayment

Report a change in circumstance


Apply to pay business rates by direct debit

Pay business rates

Report a change of business address


Find childcare in Portsmouth (including childminders, nurseries and pre-schools)


Apply for an allotment

Find community centres in Portsmouth

Council Tax

Apply to pay Council Tax by direct debit

Apply for single person discount

Apply for student exemption

Apply for unoccupied dwelling owned by a charity (Class B)

Make a Council Tax enquiry

Pay Council Tax

Report a change of address

Report a change of name or contact

Report a resident’s death

Request a copy of your Council Tax bill

Request to pay Council Tax over 12 months


Apply for street name and house number changes

Pay leasehold service charge

Pay leasehold for garage/parking sites

Request a local land charge search


Apply to hold an event


Apply for housing

Apply for a house in multiple occupancy (HMO) licence

Pay former tenant charges

Pay home contents insurance

Pay housing accounts including rent, repairs and court fees

Report an HMO issue (such as poor management or overcrowding)

Report a problem with a council property (request a repair)

Report that you’ve purchased a property in Portsmouth


Apply for a leisure card


Apply for a personal licence

Apply for a premises licence (Gov.UK)

Apply for a tattoo/piercing licence (Gov.UK)

Find licensing applications


Apply for a blue badge

Apply for a dropped kerb

Apply for an entrance marking

Apply for or renew a parking permit

Find car parks in Portsmouth

Pay parking/bus lane penalty charge notice

Report a parking issue (such as illegal parking or broken parking meters)

Request a pay and display refund


View and comment on planning applications


Find contract opportunities

Recycling and rubbish

Apply for garden waste collections

Find your bin collection dates

Find your nearest recycling points

Make a miscellaneous enquiry

Report a damaged communal bin

Report a missed collection

Request an assisted collection

Request a healthcare waste collection

Request a recycling bin

Request the removal of a recycling bin

Submit a healthcare waste referral

Register office

Request a certificate (including birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates)

Report it (street and community issues)

Report an abandoned trolley

Report an abandoned vehicle

Report a broken street light

Report a change of address

Report a cycle lane or cycle parking problem

Report a cycling near miss

Report a dangerous structure or building

Report a dead animal

Report a dog bin or litter bin problem

Report dog fouling

Report a drain problem

Report an empty property

Report equipment left on the road

Report food poisoning

Report flooding on the road

Report fly-posting

Report fly-tipping

Report graffiti

Report illegal parking (Traffic Management Centre)

Report an overflowing bin

Report overgrown grass or bushes

Report a noise disturbance

Report a pest problem (mice, rats, etc.)

Report a pothole or problem with the road

Report that you’ve purchased a property in Portsmouth

Report road markings that have faded

Report rubbish in the road, pavement or park

Report a salt bin or grit bin problem

Report a sign problem

Report a street issue

Report a traffic light issue

Report a tree problem (fallen tree, etc.)


Request a change to the road or pavement

Request a new dog bin or litter bin

Request road safety improvements


Apply for a school place

Apply for free school meals

Social care

Report a safeguarding issue (adults)

Report a safeguarding issue (children)

The council

Apply for a job (you will need the reference number for the job you are applying for – view the careers portal for available jobs)

Apply to join the council’s temporary recruitment agency

Find council phone numbers

Find your councillors

Flagship magazine – report a Flagship delivery problem

Make a comment, compliment or complaint

Make a Freedom of Information request


Apply for an older person’s bus pass

Find roadworks and road closures

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