The Housing Act 1996 requires us to keep a housing allocation scheme, which explains how social housing in this area is allocated.

To be eligible to join the housing waiting list, people must have a housing need. Examples of housing needs include:

  • having a medical problem which is directly affected by your current accommodation
  • being overcrowded
  • being homeless or threatened with homelessness

When allocating housing, consideration will be given to the people with the highest priority and then in order of how long they have waited.

People from abroad who are not able to access public funds will not be eligible to join the waiting list but can receive advice on housing problems.

The allocation scheme governs how we allocate properties owned by the council and registered providers. Registered providers are independent organisations registered with Homes England, including housing associations, trusts and cooperatives.

Should I apply?

There is huge demand for affordable homes in Portsmouth and demand is higher than supply. Many people are on the waiting list for several years before being offered accommodation. Many more aren’t ever likely to be offered a property.

The properties allocated document shows how council properties have been allocated to people and families on the Portsmouth waiting list for the previous month. It lists these by landlord, area, property type, floor level and wait time for each priority housing band. The wait time counts the number of days from a person being given their priority on the list to the start of their tenancy.

How to apply

There isn’t an application form to apply to go on the housing waiting list. Most applications can be assessed over the phone or in person at housing options. We can tell you what happens next, depending on your circumstances.

The housing needs, advice and support team assess applications to join the waiting list:

  • Open Monday to Thursday, 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 4pm (no appointment necessary for initial advice)
  • Civic Offices, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2AX
  • 023 9283 4989
  • Contact form