Our Pest Control team provides an effective pest control service for residents and businesses in the city.

Pests we deal with

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All domestic treatments require payment up front. Please have your card ready when you call to book an appointment. 

To book an appointment, please call 023 9283 4251

Please note, if you agree a pest control appointment then miss it, this will count as one of your visits.

If two visits are missed, your treatment will be cancelled. Further treatment will be charged at the rates below.

Pest Control rates for domestic properties

Reduced rates apply for those customers who receive qualifying benefits including pension credit, income support, job seekers allowance, housing benefit or Council Tax support and Universal Credit. These prices are indicated in brackets.

You will need to pay the full charge upfront for all rodent treatments which includes a £10.00 non-refundable callout charge should we not treat.

Please note: If you have mice or rats and live in a rented property, your landlord will need to contact us to arrange the treatment and supply invoice details, the treatment is not covered under our domestic rates.

All insect treatments have a non-refundable call out charge before we come out. These charges need to be paid when you book a visit from pest control so please have your card details ready before you call. 

All prices include VAT.


  • Up to a maximum of three visits - if we are unable to get access on an agreed day, this is included as a visit - £50 (£25)
  • Extra visit after first three - £16 (£8)


  • Up to three visits indoors only - £50 (£25)
  • Extra visit after the first three  - £16 (£8)

  • Single treatment for property up to three bedrooms - £70 (£40)
  • Single treatment for property up to four bedrooms - £76 (£43)

    Bed bugs and carpet beetles
  • Single treatment, one room - £70 (£40)
  • Payment for each additional room  - £20 (£10)

  • Treatment of nests on council property balconies only - £50 (£25)


  • Single treatment - £70 (£40)


  • Single treatment for wasps in hedge, garden, garage, exterior area or loft - £50 (£25)


  • Single treatment - £70 (£40)


  • Internal treatment, up to five visits - £100 (£50)
  • Extra visit after the first five - £20 (£10)


  • We only treat ants in commercial premises such as schools, nursing homes or commercial businesses - commercial charges will apply.

Business, commercial premises, residential premises run as a business and empty premises

We offer highly competitive rates to businesses and can design treatments to meet your individual requirements. Irrespective of the size or type of business you operate, if you are suffering with a pest problem please contact us and we will ensure that your enquiry is dealt with by our pest control supervisor as soon as possible.

The supervisor will contact you to discuss your needs, design a treatment tailored specifically to resolve the problems you are encountering as quickly as possible and provide a highly competitive, no-obligation quote.

To contact us, please call city helpdesk on 023 9283 4251.

Help us keep our costs down - please try and keep your appointment 

We continue to keep the costs of our treatment as low as possible by making the best use of our time. If you are unable to keep your appointment with us, please let us know on 023 9283 4251 as soon as possible so we can arrange a re-visit. 

Important Information about mice treatments 

If you have mice, you can help solve the problem yourself with the simple tips below:

  • while the treatment is taking place, ensure you wash all surfaces with an anti-bacterial agent before preparing food
  • clear away food after eating and do not leave crumbs
  • place all food within sealed containers

    Immediately take steps to stop mice from entering your home – we call this proofing. Check all rooms for holes, particularly around water pipes, waste pipes, electrical cables and skirting boards. 

Look from the inside and outside - any holes need to be filled as soon as possible. Use wire wool, not a soft material like expanding foam.  For larger holes use something more substantial such as cement. Although this might prevent the mice within your home from leaving, it will help ensure further mice don’t follow them inside.

Mice are excellent climbers and will easily climb cavity walls to gain access to lofts. Proofing such areas will be difficult but you should try and ensure your rooms are protected and well sealed.

How often will we come back? 

If you have followed all the above advice after our treatment, any mice within your home are likely to be dead within a few weeks. Following our initial visit we will visit on two more occasions and we expect to resolve the problem within the three visit treatment.

What happens if I want more than three visits? 

Should you wish our pest control staff to attend more than three times, we can arrange this but there will be a further charge. 

What will happen if I am out when a visit has been agreed?

Your Pest Control Operative will make a re-visit appointment with you. The operative needs to re-visit relatively quickly to ensure the treatment is continuous and the mice eat sufficient poison to resolve the problem.

If you have failed to keep an appointment without notifying us, the operative will leave a card confirming his attendance. Should you fail to keep two appointments without notifying us prior to the day of the treatment, or cancel two consecutive appointments, no further visits will be arranged and no refund will be made. 

The operative will provide advice on his second ‘no access card’ and/or a letter will be sent to you on how you should dispose of the poison remaining in your home should this happen.

Pest control in food premises 

Pest control at food premises is important because many pests carry diseases and can contaminate food with their waste, hairs and bodies.

To avoid problems, design your premises to prevent entry to pests and make regular checks to ensure your premises stay pest free - if you discover you have a problem, take prompt action to deal with it.

The following will help control pests:

  • Make sure all external doors are close fitting
  • Install fly screens over windows and doors, where necessary
  • Install an electrically operated fly killer (position it carefully to ensure effective operation and without putting food at risk)
  • Keep refuse areas clean and tidy. Provide properly fitted lids for bins and containers
  • Avoid spillages and clean up immediately
  • Store opened packages of dry goods in resealable containers
  • Investigate the cause of damage to packaging
  • Ensure good stock rotation

Contact us if you need pest control services - alternatively, there are a range of pest control companies which can be found locally.