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Report benefit fraud

Business rates

Report a change of business address

Council Tax

Make a Council Tax enquiry

Report a change of address

Report a change of name or contact

Report a resident’s death


Report an HMO issue (such as poor management or overcrowding)

Report a problem with a council property (request a repair)

Report that you’ve purchased a property in Portsmouth

Report an issue with your privately rented property


Report a parking issue (such as illegal parking or broken parking meters)

Report it (street and community issues)

Report an abandoned trolley

Report an abandoned vehicle

Report anti-social behaviour

Report bonfire or smoke issues

Report a broken street light

Report a change of address

Report a cycle lane or cycle parking problem

Report a cycling near miss

Report a dangerous structure or building

Report a dead animal

Report a dog bin or litter bin problem

Report dog fouling

Report a drain problem

Report an empty property

Report equipment left on the road

Report food poisoning

Report flooding on the road

Report fly-posting

Report fly-tipping

Report graffiti

Report illegal parking (Traffic Management Centre)

Report litter

Report an overflowing bin

Report overgrown grass or bushes

Report a noise disturbance

Report a pest problem (mice, rats, etc.)

Report a pothole or problem with the road

Report a problem with a pavement

Report a problem with a public toilet

Report that you’ve purchased a property in Portsmouth

Report road markings that have faded

Report rubbish in the road, pavement or park

Report a salt bin or grit bin problem

Report a sign problem

Report a traffic light issue

Report a tree problem (fallen tree, etc.)

Recycling and rubbish

Make a miscellaneous enquiry

Report a damaged communal bin

Report a missed collection

Social care

Report a safeguarding issue (adults)

Report a safeguarding issue (children)

The council

Flagship magazine – report a Flagship delivery problem

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