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Flagship is our magazine for Portsmouth residents, businesses and visitors, and is packed with news, features and articles about the city.

The magazine includes a handy ‘out and about’ events guide as well as updates about our services. We produce two issues a year, summer and winter. If you live or work in Portsmouth a copy will be sent to you.

Flagship magazine is printed locally using vegetable inks and 100% recycled paper – when you’ve finished with it please recycle your copy.

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If you’d like to comment on Flagship, you can email us at

Download a copy of the current issue of Flagship, or email us if you’d like it in text-only or audio formats.

Flagship is delivered for the council by a local company.

They deliver the magazine over seven days, from a Friday to a Saturday. We’re very sorry if you have experienced a problem with a delivery. Please¬†complete the online form, give us some details we’ll do our very best to put it right.

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