On this page, you’ll find information about dropped kerbs and entrance markings.

What is a parking restriction?

It’s something that stops, or limits, parking or waiting. Road markings or signs tell you about parking restrictions. Here are some examples of parking restrictions in Portsmouth:

  • double or single yellow lines
  • limited waiting area
  • pay & display
  • part-time or full-time taxi rank
  • residents’ parking zone

Changing yellow line restrictions

The length of yellow lines can vary. For example, at junctions with busy main roads there may be eight to ten metres of parking restrictions to prevent congestion. In quieter residential roads, three to five metres is more usual to prevent vehicles parking up to corners and obstructing access and visibility.

Generally, double yellow lines are requested by people living and working in the area and introduced for safety and traffic management reasons. Because yellow lines are introduced under a Traffic Regulation Order, they can only be changed by amending the Order. All Order amendments have to be advertised as described above. It isn’t as easy as hiring a contractor to extend or remove yellow lines.

If you feel a yellow line restriction should be amended, you need to write to us about it. A council officer will visit the area and a proposed Order may be put forward to change the restriction. If there are no objections, the proposed Order is likely to be approved. Decisions will be based on traffic management and road safety.

How do I find out about new or updated parking restrictions?

The council has to consult the public before introducing or changing restrictions to on-and-off street parking. There will be an advert in the local newspaper, information on our website’s TRO page, and yellow notices describing the proposed changes on lampposts in the affected area.

The yellow notices are in place for 21 days to give residents a chance to comment. Whether objecting to or supporting the proposals, comments must be made in writing, and the yellow notice tells you how to do this.

How long does it take to get a restriction introduced or changed?

Introducing or changing a parking restriction is a legal process, which takes between three and eight months. If, for example, the proposed Order needs to be approved by the council Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, it can take longer.

Dropped kerbs and entrance markings

Applications for a dropped kerb to access your driveway are processed and managed by our highway contractor Colas.

Please print, complete and return the ‘Vehicle Crossover’ application form from the Colas website, or request a paper form from Colas.

The administration fee for processing the form is £66 including VAT.

Colas will set a charge for the dropped kerb itself when processing the application, as this can vary.

You are able to use a private contractor to carry out the dropped kerb work, but Colas must approve the works to the public highway. The application will advise you how to do this.

Entrance markings

It is no longer council policy to protect access to private off-street parking facilities with double yellow lines, and most of these markings have now been removed. Applications for entrance markings are also managed by Colas.

The cost of the line markings will be £118.64 (including VAT). Entrance markings over 4.6m will incur a charge of £10 + VAT per metre. The entrance marking provided will consist of one line with a bar at each end – due to legislation, the word ‘Entrance’ or similar will not be painted.

Please print, complete and return the ‘Entrance Marking’ application form from the Colas website, or request a paper form from Colas.

Blocking a property entrance

You can pay for a white line to be painted across your property’s entrance to show other drivers that access is required – please see the information on entrance markings above.

  • To report vehicles blocking your dropped kerb entrance, phone traffic management on 023 9268 8290

Match day parking near Fratton Park football ground

When Portsmouth’s football team are playing at home, there may be additional parking restrictions in the roads near Fratton Park football ground.

The following roads may be affected along the whole, one side or part of their length:

  • Alverstone Road
  • Anson Road
  • Apsley Road
  • Carisbrooke Road
  • Fratton Way
  • Frogmore Road
  • Goldsmith Avenue
  • Milton Lane
  • Rodney Road
  • Ruskin Road
  • Specks Lane

These additional parking restrictions are enforced two and half hours before a home game to one hour after the match. Look out for signs in the area which change from ‘No Match’ to ‘Match Today’ on home match days. The Portsmouth Football Club website shows the dates and times of all home matches.

Any vehicle parked on a match day restriction within two and half hours of the kick-off will be liable to a Penalty Charge Notice and may be removed to a holding area. The Penalty Charge Notice will be for £70 or £35 if paid within 14 days.

If you think your vehicle has been removed, phone Hampshire Police on 101.