Portsmouth City Council is responsible for installing and enforcing disabled parking bays on the road. Disabled parking bays are not reserved for the sole use of an individual and may be used by any Blue Badge holder.

Disabled parking bays feature a sign next to them (on a wall, fence or post) which reads ‘Disabled badge holders only’. It is a requirement to display a valid Blue Badge at all times whilst parked in an enforceable disabled parking bay.

Any motorist found parked in a disabled bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge is liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

For information on Blue Badges, visit our Blue Badges page.

Getting a disabled parking bay installed

You can request a form for a disabled parking bay installation by contacting us:

There is a £51 fee payable prior to a bay being installed – if you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support this fee will not be charged. This one-off charge goes towards the cost of advertising and installing the bay.

A Traffic Regulation Order must legally be created for a new disabled parking bay before it can be installed. Due to the production and publication of Traffic Regulation Orders the process will usually take between 3 and 6 months before the bay is installed.

You must hold a valid Blue Badge to apply for a disabled parking bay. To find out how to apply for a Blue Badge, visit our Blue Badges page.

Disabled parking bay permits

Disabled bay holders might not be able to display a Blue Badge at all times whilst parked in a disabled bay close to where they live, due to concerns at leaving the blue badge in the vehicle for long periods of time. In this case, they can request a permit specifically for their vehicle and address. This would allow them to park in the bay without displaying a Blue Badge.

Please note these permits cannot be used as an alternative to the blue badge to park in a disabled bay elsewhere, for example those installed close to shops and public buildings.

Permit request forms are automatically sent to bay holders with the issue of a disabled parking bay. The forms can also be requested by contacting us:

A fee of £18 is payable for each permit, and any changes required (such as a different vehicle registration) will cost £10.

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For information on Blue Badges, visit our Blue Badges page.