A parking suspension enables a member of the public, or a business, to reserve a parking space at a specified section of the road, for a specific purpose. Some examples are:

  • Building works
  • Scaffolding works
  • Home removals
  • Business removals

The normal parking restriction is suspended for the specified section of the road for this purpose and the information on the fixed sign no longer applies for the duration of the suspension.

Suspended parking areas will be indicated by a Department for Transport approved yellow notice placed on the nearest street furniture. Temporary street furniture may also be used at the discretion of Portsmouth City Council. Information posted on the sign will indicate the suspended location and the date of the suspension. The suspended location may also be indicated by arrows if this is seen as necessary.

Further information regarding parking suspensions, including fees, conditions, and how to apply, can be found on this page. If you have any further questions, you can:

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