In this policy we explain how we moderate our social media accounts.

We reserve the right to immediately remove or hide posts, comments or private messages that contain the following from our social media platforms in any format including text, images, gifs, videos etc.

  • sexual imagery, or references
  • swear words or language that is aggressive or threatening in tone.
  • language that could be construed as bullying, racist, sexist, homophobic or abusive towards a particular person, religion, ethnicity, minority or community.
  • misinformation or fake news
  • comments that are off topic and not related to the post content
  • spam advertising posts
  • public posts that mention council staff by name, or make derogatory comments or accusations about individual officers or councillors
  • breaches to the privacy of another individual by including their personal information or details.

Before removing posts we will take screenshots of the offending posts/comments/messages and store these for our records in accordance with the council’s privacy policy. This is so there is a record of why the post was removed.

If a user continues to breach our moderation policy we reserve the right to ban the user from our accounts and in some cases we may contact the Police.

Before banning a user we will issue a warning via private message to let them know the reason their post has been removed and advising them of our action should they persist.