Matters the Council are considering over the coming months.

What is the Forward Plan?

The Forward Plan shows matters/reports of the Council that are due for consideration in the coming months and its purpose is to promote openness and accountability in local government for both the public and elected members. The publication of the Forward Plan is required by law and has to contain information about decisions that are deemed to be Key Decisions.

Locally a Key decision is defined as costing, saving, or producing income of at least £250,000 (or 25% of the relevant budget) whichever is the greater and/ or have a significant effect on those living or working in two or more wards. Portsmouth City Council’s constitution also requires that Budget & Policy Framework (BPF) decisions are included in the Forward Plan. BPF decisions must also be considered by the full Council.

The minimum notice period required prior to a decision being taken is 28 days.  On occasions where this notice is not possible, either General Exception (with at least 5 clear days’ notice) or Special Urgency (with fewer than 5 days’ notice) processes are followed.

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