In the next 10 years, statistics suggest that there will be a larger number of older people living in the city of Portsmouth, particularly the ‘older old,’ whose growing needs are not fully recognised.

We also need to prepare for increasing numbers of the younger old too, who need to prepare now for older life. Evidence shows that locally, middle-aged people aren’t well prepared for retirement and life in their later years.

During 2010 we consulted with many residents to find out what people want and need as they grow older. We sought views on what the city already provides for older people, and what more needed to be done to make sure the city is prepared for an older population.

Following the consultation, we produced an Ageing Population Strategy.

The strategy brings together all the work that Portsmouth City Council is already doing to prepare for an ageing population, as well as looking at what we would like to do in the future. The strategy is part of a wider campaign to assist people in finding out more on what they can do, and how they can prepare, for getting older.

For more information on the strategy, please get in touch on 023 9268 8018 or email