The corporate asset section is responsible for effectively managing our property portfolio which includes the Civic Offices.

The group is made up of chartered surveyors who manage the property assets to generate income from sales and lettings of property owned by the council.

Income generated from the property portfolio is used to support service delivery, reduce council tax and contribute towards the capital programme funds.

If you are interested in any of the following, please contact the council on the numbers listed:

Residential property

Buy your council home

Call us on 023 9283 4845 or 023 9283 4542.

Council tenant eligible for a decanting allowance

Call us on 023 9283 4267.

Enquire about council ownership of land or property

Contact the Geographical Information Service on 023 9283 4768.

For land charges call Legal on 023 9283 4065 / 023 9283 4063.

If you would like to identify which buildings or land are on our asset register, please contact the Property Review team on 023 9284 1550 or email

Rent a commercial property or show interest in a vacant property

Call us on 023 9283 4349, or email

Rent a domestic garage

Call us on 023 9284 1983.

Rent a stall on Commercial Road / Cosham markets

Contact the market inspectors on 07931 503787 or 07985 160403 – Monday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday

Rent an agricultural holding

Call us on 023 9283 4349, or email

Skip operator / highway projection licence

Call us on 023 9283 4278.