We own a wide variety of commercial properties in the Portsmouth and Havant area. The types of assets include:

  • Agricultural, car parking, office, retail
  • Industrial, such as at Limberline Spur Industrial Estate and Port Royal Street
  • Leisure, recreation and health
  • Seafront and maritime

Terms and conditions vary from property to property. Alternatively, we can notify you by email when properties come on to the market for rent or sale.

To sign up for properties available to rent please email commercialproperty@portsmouthcc.gov.uk providing details of your name, company (if applicable) and postal and email addresses.

Alternatively, email us asking to be notified about properties for sale.

You may also email us to be removed from our register, or to notify us of a change in your personal details.

If you are looking for a commercial property to rent, please complete the attached form and, once complete, email it to commercialproperty@portsmouthcc.gov.uk