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If you are looking to start a business selling a product, Portsmouth City Council can offer pitches for market stalls and concessional pitches in various locations in the city. Having a market stall or pitch can be a great way to see how successful your business can be without long term rental payments or bills.

Market Stalls

Markets are held in two areas of Portsmouth: the city centre Thursday to Saturdays, and Cosham High Street every Monday. Both markets are popular and see great custom.

If you are interested in setting up and running your own market stall, call the Market Inspectors on 07985 160403 or 07931 503787.

Markets in Palmerston Road Precinct are organised by independent organisations.

Concessional Pitch

Concessional pitches are permanent locations that you can use throughout the week for your business. They tend to be used by companies who sell products such as fast and convenient food. Unlike market stalls, concessional pitches can be found in many areas from car parks to town centres, as well as road lay-bys and the seafront.

To find available locations email us at

Event or Promotion Space

Getting your business known can be challenging at times – being in the public eye in an event or promotional space enables you to hand out information or talk to the public to improve your company profile. Spaces available for promotional events are offered in busy areas across Portsmouth, including Palmerston Road, city centre and Cosham High Street, all of which have great public access and attendance.

To promote your company or hold an event, call 07904 436310 for information on pricing and availability.


Before you start a stall or concessional pitch you will need to make sure you abide by the Council’s Street Trading Consents and also make sure you have the correct license to sell your product or service.