Request a local land charge search

Up to 14 April 2022 (inclusive) statutory searches (personal & LLC1) are available via Portsmouth City Council. Local Land Charges, as of 28 April 2022, statutory searches will only be available via HMLR portal.

Local Land Charges department email


As per instruction from HMRC our fees will include VAT on the Con29 element of a local land charges search.

Turnaround times

Our current turnaround times are:

  • 15 working days, but we will return them sooner if possible

If you have any general enquiries, please email the local land charges team

If you have any feedback about the service provided, please put it in writing and email it to Helen Dickeson, Senior Solicitor, Legal Services at

A local authority search is part of the standard conveyancing process if you are buying a house or plot of land, or leasing a property. A solicitor or other conveyancing professional usually applies for a local authority search on your behalf, although you can carry out a search yourself (see the section ‘can I make my own inspection…?’).

Searches look for any legal restrictions on the property or land in question. These restrictions are known as ‘local land charges’ (see ‘local land charge’ section below). Here are the questions most frequently asked about local authority searches.

For more information:

You can also view the land charges privacy notice.