On this page you will find information for council tenants about buying your council property.

Right to buy

The Right to Buy scheme is a scheme which the Government offers to help eligible council tenants purchase their home at a discounted price.

To qualify you must have:

  • spent at least 3 years as a tenant of Portsmouth City Council, or
  • spent at least 3 years as a tenant of another council or housing association, or
  • lived in armed forces accommodation

For information about property exchange, visit our Exchanging a council property page.


Eligibility criteria include (but is not limited to):

  • You have no legal issues with debt
  • You have no outstanding possession orders
  • The property is your only or main home
  • Your home is not due to be demolished

Certain council owned properties do not fall under the Right to Buy scheme as they may provide support and services to other tenants. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Specialist housing for the elderly or disabled people
  • A property that you have in connection with your job
  • A property for which you don’t have a secure tenancy (for example, an introductory or demoted tenancy)


You can get a discount on the market value of your home when you buy it if you qualify for Right to Buy. The discount is based on:

  • how long you’ve been a tenant with a public sector landlord
  • the type of property you’re buying – a flat or house
  • the value of your home

Your discount will be less if we have spent money building or maintaining your home:

  • in the last 10 years – if we built or acquired your home before 2 April 2012
  • in the last 15 years – if you’re buying your home through Preserved Right to Buy, or if we acquired your home after 2 April 2012

You will not get any discount if we have spent more money than your home is now worth.

If we have purchased your property in the last 15 years this will affect any discount applied. This includes if we bought it back from a private owner who had previously purchased it, or purchased it from another landlord.

As discount rates change are individual to your property it’s best to contact the Right to Buy Team to talk over your position.

Get in touch

For advice about Right to Buy and to gain an understanding of the process, and the next steps, please contact the Right to Buy team on: