15% off reusable nappies and accessories

A child will use an estimated 4,000 disposable nappies by age two and a half. Choosing reusable nappies is a great way to cut down on your household waste.

We have partnered with Hampshire County Council, Southampton City Council, and reusable nappy retailers to bring you 15% off a range of reusable nappies and accessories.

Visit Hampshire’s Smart Living website to validate your Hampshire address and reveal your 15% discount code.

Getting started


You can start with 6-8 reusable nappies for a day’s supply and increase that to 20-25 for a full-time kit.

Nappy bucket

Perfect to store the dirty nappies until you get enough for a wash load (10-12 nappies or a couple of days’ worth). The lid will contain the smells and modern detergents will wash the nappies without the need for prior soaking.

Wet bag

Ideal to store your dirty nappies and wipes when out and about until you get home. The wet bag can go in the washing machine with the rest of the nappies.

Nappy liners

These will keep your baby dry and comfortable, as well as catch the solids. You can either get disposable ones (which go in the bin, never down the toilet!) or you can buy or cut fleece liners which can be washed and reused just like the nappies.

Washable cloth wipes

These fabric squares are a great replacement for disposable wet wipes. Simply wet under the tap (or from your reusable water bottle when out and about), wipe and pop them in the bucket to wash with the nappies.

Where to buy

Buying new

There are many online retailers and high street shops selling reusable nappies and accessories. We have partnered up with some great retailers to offer you a 15% discount.

Head over to Hampshire’s Smart Living webpage to validate your postcode and get your discount code.

The following six online retailers are supporting the scheme:

Buying second-hand

Reusable nappies keep their value well, so it’s easy to buy or sell a pre-loved nappy. Simply search for ‘nappies buy and sell’ pages on social media. Here are a few re-selling pages:

Further advice and information

The Nappy Lady has a lot of information on their website to get you started as well as a team who can answer all your nappy related questions: Nappy Advice Centre

You can also get in touch with other local parents using (or thinking of using) reusable nappies on the Cloth Bum Club Southsea Facebook group.