You can now create an account to report missed collections and subscribe to our new garden waste collection service ‘Leaf it out’. Find out more about registering for the new portal.

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Our new waste portal

A new online portal is available for residents to view all their waste collection days, manage their subscriptions and report a missed collection, all in one place.

People living in Portsmouth can register for free here. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll then get a calendar with all of your household, food and garden waste and recycling collection days automatically added.

If there’s an issue with your collection you can easily report it with a few clicks.

In future you’ll be able to use the portal to request new bins and book a collection of large and bulky items.

Using the portal

Once an account has been created you:

  • only need to select the collection that was missed on the calendar and hit report missed collection and it will send it through – no more filling out forms
  • can view all your collections in one calendar
  • can subscribe to the garden waste collection service ‘Leaf it out’
  • will be able to see when the crew complete your collection and whether there have been any reported issues with your collection or street