We are responsible for collecting and disposing of household waste across the city.
  • Make sure your wheelie bin (or your bags of rubbish if you’re in a flat-fronted property) is out on the edge of your property, where it meets the pavement. This should be before 6am, as rubbish can be collected between 6am and 4pm. Remember to bring your bins back as soon as they have been emptied or by the end of collection day. Bins and rubbish sacks must not be stored on the pavement outside these times. Bins left on the pavement may be removed.
  • Make sure your rubbish is secure (double-bagged or in a dustbin) or in your wheelie bin to protect it from pests.
  • If you live in a flat, all you need to do is put your black sacks in your shared rubbish bin and it will be collected from there.

What can I put in my rubbish bin?

  • General household rubbish which can’t be recycled either in your green recycling bin, or through recycling banks or services in the city.

What can't I put in my rubbish?

How to put your bin out

For details on how to put your bin out for collection, please read the guidelines online.

What if I can't put my rubbish out?

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from putting your rubbish out please contact us to request an assisted collection.

What is the limit?

If you live in a flat fronted property, we will take three standard sized bags of rubbish per week. Any extra rubbish won’t be collected – you can take extra bags to the recycling centre at Port Solent.

If you have a black wheelie bin for rubbish, then this should be filled with bagged rubbish and you should be able to close the lid of your bin.

If you have extra bags to be collected, you can purchase stickers that will allow these to be taken as well. Stickers cost £24 for a sheet of 12, and should be placed on every extra bag that you put out. To buy these stickers, call us on 023 9284 1105 – you can pay by debit or credit card.

If you are recycling in full and regularly need extra rubbish taken, you can be assessed for a bigger bin. Contact us to discuss this with our team.

All communal bins (for general waste, recycling, and food waste) should be big enough for the residents of that block or property. Any extra waste that couldn’t fit in the bins won’t be collected by the bin collection crews. Landlords and managing agents need to work with their residents to make sure they’re using the bins correctly, recycling the correct materials and not blocking access to bins on collection day.

What happens to rubbish after it's collected?

Rubbish is collected weekly and taken to the local energy recovery facility (ERF) to be burnt. The heat produced generates electricity through a steam turbine system. This method produces enough electricity to power 20,600 homes.

Missed collections

If you followed the guidelines on how to put your bins out but your collection has been missed, you can let us know by reporting it through the new portal..

Please leave your bin at the boundary of your property until the crew can return. The crew will try to return to empty your bin within two working days of it being reported

How can I order a new rubbish bin?

You can order a new rubbish bin by phoning the Recycling and Rubbish team on 023 9284 1105 or by filling in our online form to request a new bin.

Please note, there is a £15 delivery fee if you need a rubbish bin because yours has gone missing, is damaged or simply because you do not have one. You will also have the option to collect the bin yourself for free.

What happens if your bin has been removed

Bins are only allowed on the pavement on the day of collection and the evening before, after 7pm. This is to make sure that the pavement is accessible to all pedestrians.

If you leave your black wheelie bin on the pavement outside of these times, we will send you a letter to remind you. If you continue to leave your bin out incorrectly, we will then remove it.

How to put your rubbish out if your bin has been removed

The council will not send you another rubbish wheelie bin.

For the collection of your rubbish, you can:

  • Place up to 3 standard size bags (generally up to 80L) on the pavement.
  • Place up to 3 standard size bags in a personal round dustbin.

Rubbish bags and dustbins are also only allowed on the pavement on collection day and the evening before, after 7pm.

It’s your responsibility to ensure you recycle fully so your rubbish fits within your three-bag allowance. See information in the ‘What is the limit?’ section.