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Information about your green recycling bin

Recycling is collected every 2 weeks. Find out your next recycling collection day.

What can go in my green recycling bin?

Only place the following in your recycling bin/box. Everything must be:

  • Clean (no food stains, grease, dirt on…)
  • Dry (no wet item or items with liquids in)
  • Loose (don’t bag them, and don’t put items inside each other)

What else can I recycle from home and around Portsmouth?

Visit the following pages to find out how you can recycle more from your doorstep and around the city.

From home

Around Portsmouth

What if I can't put my recycling out?

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from putting your recycling out please contact us to request an assisted collection.

Where it goes and what happens to it

The recycling lorry takes the waste to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). Inside the MRF, the waste is emptied and sorted into the different types of material. These sorted materials are then sent to factories to turn the old waste into new items:

For answers to frequently asked questions about recycling in Portsmouth, check out our mythbuster page.

How to put your bin out

For details on how to put your recycling bin out for collection, please read our guidelines online.