On this page you will find information about your responsibilities as a council tenant, including acting respectfully and dealing with rubbish properly.

Behave responsibly and respectfully in the areas shared with others

A messy block or neighbourhood can be extremely upsetting for other residents living in the block or using parks and green spaces and puts a strain on the estate service team.

Please remember to:

  • put rubbish in the bin
  • be careful not to spill drinks
  • put cigarette butts in the cigarette bin sections
  • pick up dog waste
  • use toilets for human waste

Please report any issues and anyone that you believe to be behaving irresponsibly to the team.

Throw away your rubbish correctly

Bin bags

Bin bags that are left in hallways or in communal areas can:

  • smell,
  • leak,
  • be knocked over,
  • attract pests,
  • and in the event of a fire can make the situation worse.

Make sure that bin bags are placed directly into the bins. We will charge you for not disposing of your rubbish correctly.

If you have a bin chute, don’t block it with large items.

Using the right bin

Use the correct bin for the correct rubbish – if you’re not sure, you can check which bin you should use for an item online.

Putting the wrong type of rubbish in the wrong bin means that the waste collection service will not empty the bin, causing bin overflow and bad smells.

If the situation is very bad, there will be a contamination waste charge. These charges are passed on to you when we calculate your service charge level.

Dispose of large items responsibly

Dumping large items, such as old sofas, broken electrical items etc is fly tipping, which is an offence and can result in a fine. There are often dumped items in communal areas or on our estates, which we investigate and take action against those responsible.

We offer support for the disposal of large items and can give you a quote for the removal of items – contact the team to organise for one of our wardens to have a look. This may be free if you are on a low income.

You can learn more about large item collections here.

Report any concerns

If you see anyone dumping waste, or acting in a way that negatively affects the area and the happiness of people who live there, contact us.

If you have car registration details, or photo/video evidence this can be submitted to us, but don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation in capturing this information.