Opening times and other facilities

Portsmouth has three cemeteries, Milton Road, Kingston and Highland Road, although the latter no longer accepts new burials. The nearest crematorium is Portchester crematorium.

On this page, you will find information on cemeteries, memorials and books of remembrance.

For more information, email or phone the cemeteries office on 023 9273 2559.


  • The office at Kingston cemetery (Portsmouth Cemetery Office, 224 New Road Lodge, PO2 7RW) is only open by prior appointment to enable the team to set aside a time to meet with you
  • Vehicle access and parking is for cemetery visitors only
  • Dogs must be always kept on a lead to control fouling and so as not to intimidate other cemetery users or run uncontrolled over graves.
  • We constantly receive complaints about dog faeces on graves which can be very upsetting for people so please pick up and use the red dog bins provided.
  • Vehicles are requested to remain on the main drive
  • Please do not drive on the narrow pathways as it damages them, and the adjoining grave spaces and it also obstructs the ‘right of way’.  If you or your passenger is disabled, please contact the cemeteries office where we will help you navigate
  • Vehicle gates remain closed when Portsmouth Football Club plays home games on Saturday or Sunday. On midweek match days the vehicle gates are locked at 4pm.  This is necessary to prevent unauthorised car parking.
  • All three cemeteries open at 9am all year round – closing times may vary:
MonthsAll cemeteries close at:
May to August8pm
November to January4pm

Information about our cemeteries

Highland cemetery – Highland Road, Southsea, PO4 9AH 

Also known as Eastney cemetery.

  • Graves of historical interest with many decorated servicemen and women, associates of Dickens and royalty buried here
  • The last available plot was used in 1956 but existing family plots are still re-opened and used
  • Opened in 1854 and 17 acres in size

Kingston cemetery – St Mary’s Road, Fratton PO1 5PQ 

Also referred to as Portsea or St Mary’s cemetery.

  • Holds approximately 400 burials per year
  • Opened in 1856 and, at 52 acres, is Portsmouth’s largest cemetery

Milton cemetery – Milton Road, Milton PO4 8RS

  • Telephone 023 9273 2559
  • Over 25 acres and holds approximately 200 burials per year
  • Opened 8 April 1912 – the same week the Titanic sank