This page tells you how to put your bins out for collection. Rubbish is collected weekly and recycling fortnightly.
  • Where to put your bin: Put your rubbish or recycling bin out at the edge of your property, where it meets the pavement or on the pavement. Make sure it’s easily accessible and not behind a gate or a wall. Your recycling bin should have the handle facing outwards.
  • If you live in a flat: If you live in a flat, all you need to do is put your black sacks in your shared rubbish bin and it will be collected from there.
  • If you are in a flat-fronted property: If you are in a flat-fronted property: to stop cats and foxes getting to your rubbish use strong rubbish sacks, or use a regular round dustbin.
  • When to put out your recycling and rubbish: Rubbish and recycling can be collected at any time between 6am and 4pm. Make sure it’s put out before 6am, or after 7pm the night before so as not to miss your collection.
  • Bring your bins back in: Remember to bring your bins back as soon as they have been emptied or by the end of collection day. Bins and rubbish sacks must not be stored on the pavement outside these times. Bins left on the pavement may either be removed or replaced with a smaller one.

If you have followed these guidelines, and find that your rubbish hasn’t been collected by 4pm, please tell us within two working days by reporting it through the new portal.

Please leave your bin at the boundary of your property until the crew can return. The crew will try to return to empty your bin within two working days of it being reported. 

If you have trouble putting your bin out due to physical limitations, you can request an assisted collection online.

For information on how to put out items not included as part of your rubbish or recycling collection, you can find information on:

Flat-fronted properties

For rubbish (weekly collections):

  • Use your black wheelie bin (bring it back in after collection)
  • Place up to 3 standard size bags (usually up to 80L) on the pavement
  • Place up to 3 standard size bags in a personal round dustbin

Rubbish bags and dustbins are also only allowed on the pavement on collection day and the evening before, after 7pm.

For recycling (fortnightly collections):

  • Use a green wheelie bin – these are available in several sizes
  • You can have up to 3 recycling boxes

For more details on the sizes and to order bins or boxes, use the online form for requesting a new bin.