Find out what we are doing and what you can do to make a difference to our city, today and in the future.

We all want to live in a city with a travel system that is greener, cleaner and safer for all. Our city is densely populated and while many of us need to own a vehicle, they cause congestion and contribute to over 50% of air pollution. Like many cities across the country, Portsmouth is facing a serious problem with air quality.

Listening to people in the city, we have developed a number of documents that set out our vision for Portsmouth. However, newly available monitoring data from last year shows the situation is continuing to get worse and we won’t improve the situation as quickly as the government wants.

Our vision documents:

  • The local transport plan (2021-2038) – guiding the development of the city’s transport network until 2038.
  • Air quality strategy (2017-2027) – our aims for improving and maintaining healthy air quality in Portsmouth.

We all have a part to play in improving air quality within our city. We are asking everyone in Portsmouth to do what they can to travel more sustainably. Leaflets have been sent to all homes in Portsmouth to increase awareness. Together we can make a difference to our city, today and in the future.

Visit My Journey website to find out the facts about air quality, effects on health and help bust the myths about engine idling.

What are we doing?

  • Making travel greener by introducing electric vehicle charging points on-street and in our car parks, and retrofitting over 100 buses to remove dangerous chemicals from exhaust fumes.
  • Expanding sustainable alternatives to the car with the introduction of the new Park & Ride route, PR2.
  • Improving traffic flow across the city with projects like moving and enhancing the Anglesea Road crossing.
  • Making sustainable travel choices more accessible with improvements to cycling including a new tiger crossing in Fratton, raised tables along A2047 and a new city bus depot being investigated.
  • Managing finite parking capacity fairly with residential parking zones with a rolling programme of consultation so residents can decide what is right for their area.
  • Securing over £2.5m in funding to help address air pollution in the city.

What can you do?