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The planning policy framework for Portsmouth is currently provided by:

Preparation of the new Portsmouth Local Plan

The new Local Plan will update and replace the three documents currently in use. It will include policies for the development and protection of land and site allocations for new development or for the re-development of existing buildings. The Local Development Scheme gives a timetable of activity that may be updated as the plan progresses, and a Statement of Community Involvement sets out how we consult when dealing with planning applications and preparing the new Local Plan.

Since our Issues and options consultation in 2017, we have prepared or received a wide range of evidence studies which were published for comment from 11 February to Monday 25 March 2019. The summary document sets out the main points that have been identified. Taking into account all the responses received until now, a draft Plan will be prepared for full public consultation.

The summary document of responses for Local Plan evidence based documents sets out the main points identified. Copies of the individual responses received can be found at Public Access Portsmouth.

The detailed evidence base studies being gathered for the emerging new Local Plan are set out on the new local plan evidence page.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) Consultation

As part of preparing the new Local Plan, we’re developing an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP). This looks at the infrastructure facilities needed to support the proposed level of growth in the city until 2038.

Currently it’s predicted that Portsmouth will need to provide 854 homes a year, which is 17,080 homes over the plan period. We need to make sure that infrastructure-related services are provided to support the current and long-term needs of our residents. This includes:

  • educational needs (such as schools, nurseries and colleges)
  • healthcare providers (including doctors surgeries)
  • utilities (such as gas and electricity)
  • theatres, venues and other cultural places
  • transport
  • environmental protections
  • flood mitigation measures

We’re looking for your views on the infrastructure needs that we’ve identified so far.

You can view the Infrastructure Delivery Plan here.

Your comments will help to inform the development of the new IDP. Please email your responses to . If you have any questions regarding the consultation please get in touch.

The closing date for comments is Friday 12 February 2021.

Further information

All the responses made to the previous Issues and Options consultation are still relevant and can be found at Public Access Portsmouth. They will be taken into account when we draft the Plan.

For any further comments or questions on the Local Plan, or you wish to be added to our list of contacts to be kept informed of future progress on the Local Plan, contact us:

Planning Policy,

Portsmouth City Council,

Civic Offices, Guildhall Square,

Portsmouth, PO1 2AU.

Associated documents

Local Plan scheme 2020
Local Plan 2019 - evidence base consultation

Local Plan Update – the document summarises evidence for the new Local Plan which was published in February 2019.

Tipner and Horsea regeneration

Tipner Strategic Development Area – this document was published in February 2019 to set out the issues and outline an possible option for the regeneration of Tipner and Horsea which included the reclamation of land from Portsmouth Harbour.

The Future of Tipner and Horsea – this document contains the main points of the Future of Tipner and Horsea consultation in February 2019.

Tipner and Horsea Island Consultation Summary

Issues and Options 2017 consultation