Roads included

Billing Close, Blenheim Court, Carpenter Close, Clegg Road, Devonshire Avenue* (between Winter Road and Eastney Road), Eastfield Road, Hatfield Road, Hellyer Road, Hunter Road (between Winter Road and Hatfield Road), Landguard Road, Maxwell Road, Methuen Road, Oliver Road, Prince Albert Road (between Devonshire Avenue and Highland Road), Reginald Road, Tredegar Road (between Winter Road and Hatfield Road), Westfield Road, Winter Road (east side between Devonshire Avenue and Highland Road)

*Devonshire Avenue – MH permits can be used on both sides between Winter Road and Eastney Road

Roads that will be added to the zone starting 6 December 2021

  • Bransbury Road (between Eastney Road and number 42 Bransbury Road),
  • Cromwell Road (1-17, odd numbers only),
  • Fordingbridge Road,
  • Henderson Road (1-75 odd numbers, 2-126A even numbers only),
  • Lidiard Gardens (excluding the private parking areas),
  • Minstead Road,
  • Ringwood Road.


  • Scheme operates 6pm to 8pm daily, no free parking provision
  • Permits are not valid in Winter Road limited waiting bays

Permit eligibility

In addition to the above list where the whole road is within the zone, the following part roads/property addresses are also eligible for permits:-

  • Devonshire Avenue (116-262 even numbers only and Devonshire Avenue Baptist Church)
  • Eastney Road (8-130 even numbers and 21-125 odd numbers only)
  • Highland Road (119-259 and 295-299 odd numbers only, including Mayflower Mews & Eastney Health Centre)
  • Hunter Road (2-34 even numbers and 1-33 odd numbers only)
  • Prince Albert Road (48-134 even numbers and 41-119 odd numbers only including Wyn Sutcliffe Court and Frank Sorrell Centre)
  • Tredegar Road (2-28 even numbers and 1-33 odd numbers only)
  • Winter Road (2-94 even numbers only)

How to buy a resident's permit

View the resident parking permit page for information about applying for and renewing a parking permit.

Where to buy visitor permits

Visitor scratchcards for all zones are available from the Central Library in Guildhall Square – or register for visitor permits using RingGo.

For this zone, you can also purchase visitor permits at:

  • Albert Road Post Office, 114 Albert Road, Southsea PO4 0JS
  • Beddow Library, Milton Road, Milton PO4 8PR