Roads included

Albany Road, Albert Grove, Allens Road, Boulton Road, Brandon Road, Campbell Road, Cavendish Road, Chelsea Road, Collingwood Road, Duncan Road, Exmouth Road, Gains Road, Goodwood Road, Hamilton Road, Hendy Close, Herbert Road, Hereford Road, Hillborough Crescent, Inglis Road, Kenilworth Road, Lawrence Road (west side), Lowcay Road, Merton Road, Napier Road*, Nelson Road, Old Bridge Road, Ormsby Road, Outram Road (south side and adjacent to St Bartholomew’s Gardens) Oxford Road, St Ronan’s Avenue, St Ronan’s Road, Shirley Road, St Simon’s Road, St Vincent Road, Stafford Road, Taswell Road, The Thicket, Victoria Grove, Victoria Road South, Waverley Grove, Waverley Road, Welch Road, Wilson Grove, Wimbledon Park Road, Wisborough Road and Worthing Road


  • Scheme operates 4.30pm to 6.30pm daily, no free parking provision
  • Permits are not valid in Albert Road limited waiting bays
  • Permits are not valid in Napier Road limited waiting bays

How to buy a resident's permit

View the resident parking permit page for information about applying for and renewing a parking permit.

Where to buy visitor permits

Visitor scratchcards for all zones are available from the Central Library in Guildhall Square – or register for visitor permits using RingGo.

For this zone, you can also purchase visitor permits at:

  • Albert Road Post Office, 114 Albert Road, Southsea, PO4 0JS
  • Southsea Library, 19-21 Palmerston Road, Southsea, PO5 3QQ