1. Area (sq km)40
2. Population (2021, ONS)208,100
3. Working age population (2022 ONS)108,000
4. GVA per hours worked (2021, ONS) £38.70
5. % of population with Level 4+ qualifications (2022, ONS)44.5%
6. % of population with a Level 3 qualification (2022, ONS) 24.7%
7. % of working age population in employment (2023, ONS) 79.7%
8. Number of businesses (2023, ONS)7,630
8a. Micro businesses (2023,ONS) 80.3%
8b. SME (2023, ONS)19%
8c. Large businesses (ONS)0.7%
8d. Construction and manufacturing (2023,ONS)20.9%
8e. Distribution, hotels and restaurants (2023,ONS)30.5%
8f. Banking, finance and insurance (2023, ONS)20.5%
8g. Public administration, education and health (2023, ONS)23.4%
9. Average gross weekly earnings (residents) (2023, ONS) (£)725
10. Job density (2021, ONS) 0.90

Neighbourhood Statistics – Office for National Statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has a range datasets and indices available for various socio-economic indicators. The data covers variables including, access to services, community well-being, crime, economic deprivation, education, skills, training, health, population and migration, income and lifestyles, physical environment and work deprivation. Visit the ONS website for access to the data.

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