In Portsmouth we think of our ‘brand’ as all the associations that spring to mind when you hear the word ‘Portsmouth’. Our job is to promote Portsmouth to visitors and investors alike, so we want them to think all the right things when they see the word ‘Portsmouth’, see photos or read an article about our city

Getting people to think positively about Portsmouth and updating people’s perceptions of our city is what these guidelines are all about.

Logo for Portsmouth the Great Waterfront City

Portsmouth as a brand

If you are engaged in promoting Portsmouth to attract visitors, investment or spend to the city then we encourage you to use the great waterfront city branding on your marketing materials to project a consistent and a positive view of our city. The brand is of particular importance if you are one of the following:

  • Visitor attraction
  • Hotel or other visitor accommodation
  • Shop or shopping centre
  • Commercial estate agent
  • Transport operator
  • Restaurant

Brand guidelines for Portsmouth: the great waterfront city are available to download in PDF format below.

Please email either or for further information on our branding.