Visit the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) website

Local authorities across southern Hampshire have joined together as the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) in a unique effort to map out the future of the region for the next twenty years.

For the past 40 years south Hampshire has grown on a massive scale and it is now the largest urban area in the south of England outside London. The Partnership has been formed in response to the South East England Regional Assembly’s requirement for a 20-year plan for Hampshire and all other counties in the South East.

South Hampshire’s sub-regional strategy will consider cross-boundary issues such as types and distribution of employment as well as the broad patterns of housing development. It will also examine ways of building on the strengths of the area and facilitating the regeneration of Southampton, Portsmouth and the other urban areas.

You can find out more by visiting the PUSH website, where more details on the specific issues of employment, housing, transport and environment are covered.