Portsmouth City Council provides audio key fobs to visually impaired residents helping them travel around the city with real time bus information. The audio system is provided in 210 Real Time Bus Information units across Portsmouth. The system provides audio announcements on the following bus timetable information:

  • which bus stop you are at,
  • where the next bus is heading towards, and
  • when the next bus is due to arrive.


Locations include:

  • Commercial Road North
  • Commercial Road South
  • Cosham Interchange
  • QA Hospital
  • The Hard
  • St Marys Road
  • Hilsea Lido
  • Fratton

How to use the React Key Fob

Switching On: On the upper face of the key fob you will find two buttons – one on the left and one on the right. To switch the key fob on – press both buttons at the same time. You’ll hear a double ‘bleep’ from the key fob and the blue LED light will flash twice.

Using: When in the vicinity of an audio enabled display, pressing the button on the left will deliver a location message. Pressing the button on the right-hand side will announce real-time bus information.

Switching Off: The key fob is switched off by pressing both the left and right buttons at the same time. You’ll hear a single ‘bleep’ from the key fob and the LED light will flash once.

When the key fob is switched on (activated) and brought in close proximity (within 3 to 5 meters) of a bus stop that is fitted with an audio enabled Real Time Information screen (pictured above), this will automatically initiate a chime sound from the screen. This chime will be followed by a summary description of where the bus stop is located and which direction of travel the stop serves.

Frequently asked questions

Hints and tips

  • To preserved battery life, please ensure that the fob is switched off when not in use.
  • Remember to hold your key fob with the key ring closest to you and the buttons facing upwards.
  • Don’t press the buttons continuously as this could delay activation of the messages. When required, press the button once and if the message does not play immediately, wait a few seconds. If it still does not play then press once again.
  • If the two buttons are pressed together in an attempt to switch off the fob and there is no ‘bleep’ and the LED does not flash once, leave for 10 seconds before trying again.
  • As with all electrical equipment, do not immerse in water.

To preserved battery life, please ensure that the fob is switched off when not in use.