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New one-year trial

We are introducing a one year trial for companion bus pass holders which starts on 20 January 2020.

Previously, the criteria for a companion bus pass has been based on your income and the benefits you receive. The information we will collect from the new trial will give us a better understanding of your mobility and help us to support you with your bus travel requirements.

Please note you do not need to re-apply for a companion pass unless your pass is due to expire.

Renewing your companion bus pass

If your current pass expires during the trial, you will need to show us that you are eligible under the new criteria. When you renew your pass you will need to provide us with the following documents to show us that you are eligible:

  1. A concessionary travel pass from Portsmouth City Council (or be eligible for one)
  2. A letter from a qualified medical consultant (not a general practitioner G.P) confirming that you are unable to travel alone on a bus for medical reasons
  3. One of the following documents:
    1. War Pensioners Mobility Allowance
    2. A letter from the Department of Work & Pensions confirming that the applicant is currently in receipt of the Higher rate of the care and mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
    3. Personal independence payment at eight (8) points or above against either the PIP “moving around” or “communicating verbally” activities and enhanced rate of care.
    4. Personal independence payment at eight (8) points against the “planning and following a journey” activity and enhanced rate of care and enhanced rate of care.
    5. Evidence you receive Attendance Allowance at the higher rate.

Using the companion bus pass

The companion pass is not allocated to a specific person, so it can be used by anybody who is travelling with you. Only one companion may travel free on any one journey, and you must both get on and leave the bus at the same points.

If your journey starts outside Portsmouth, your companion may need to pay the full fare. The city boundary points can be broadly described by the following landmarks:

  • Mother Kelly’s fish and chip shop on Southampton Road towards Portchester
  • The George Inn on London Road heading north
  • Havant Road and Rectory Road junction towards Bedhampton

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