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Portsmouth City Council own and manage two mobile home parks in Portsmouth.

  • Cliffdale Gardens – located in the north of the City. Has 48 mobile homes on site and is located at London Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3LZ
  • Henderson Park – located in the South of the City. Has 67 mobile homes on site and is located at Henderson Road, Southsea, PO4 9JQ

Purchasing a mobile home

Purchasing a park home is very different to purchasing a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ property.

All park homes at Cliffdale Gardens and Henderson Park are privately owned. Any park homes for sale are either sold by the owners privately or via a local estate agent. There is no waiting list.

The sales process is private and doesn’t involve the site owner (Portsmouth City Council) until the later stages. It is the seller’s responsibility to give prospective buyers all the information they require. This includes site rules and pitch fee details.

For further information on the sale process, go to Gov.UK’s guidance on park homes for the latest information.

Can I rent a park home?

Unfortunately you can’t rent a park home. All occupiers are owner-occupiers. The site rules state that they must use their park home as their only residence. Therefore they can’t sublet their park home.

Site rules

  • There are no age restrictions on either site.
  • You are not to keep more than one dog or one cat.
  • Any changes to your plot (such as building a porch, shed, extension or fence) will need our permission. This is because there are rules on the size, materials and spacing of structures within a plot on a park home site.