Support for Under 5s

The Lead Professional for under 5s is either the Health Visitor or Family Nurse. They will provide parenting support directly.

Where there is no Lead Professional, all requests for parenting support, should be made via the Duty Health Visitor on 0300 123 6629.

Parenting Surgeries (5-19)

Parents who do not have a Lead Professional or Social Worker can access support from a parenting practitioner by emailing the below details to:

While an email referral is preferred, parents can also call to enquire/book a Parenting Surgery session on the following: 02392 821816, or text the texting line on: 07823 687838.

Parents should contact the Parenting Service themselves to request a Parenting Surgery; where this is not possible, those supporting the family (e.g., SENCo, teacher etc.) should make it clear that the parents are fully aware and on-board with this request. Please also note this is not a referral for Early Help and Prevention Support, but a one-off session.

Please be sure to include the following:

  • Parent Name
  • Contact Number
  • Focus Child name
  • Child DOB
  • Address
  • Brief summary on the areas of support needed

Sessions will be arranged to suit the parents.

Lead Professionals who are working with a family should not refer to the surgeries but should contact the relevant parenting specialist in their locality for some Team Around the Worker support.

Triple P Discussion Groups (5-16)

A focused program of sessions designed to support school-aged children (5-16), taking place at the Family Hubs across the city at a range of times, including some evening sessions. Please note these are for parents/carers, and we are not currently offering a creche.

Parents or Lead Professionals will be able to call the hubs to book on or to make enquiries. Contact information for each hub is on our webpage.

Topics in discussion this term will be:

  • Managing Fighting & Aggression
  • Reducing Family Conflict
  • Getting Your Children to Cooperate
  • Coping with Teen Emotions

Non-Violent Resistance (NVR)

‘Overcoming a child’s or young person’s violent, aggressive, harmful, self-destructive or risk-taking behaviour using Non-Violent Resistance’ (10-week course)

Rebuilding Relationships (RR)

‘Creating new possibilities using NVR approaches, that defiance, aggression and conflict has taken away’ (3-week course)


We are now taking referrals for the next academic term.

In order to attend NVR or RR a referral must be made by the Lead Professional working with the family.