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You can contact the Adult Learning Disability Team by email at or by phone on 0300 123 4019.

Your Assessment

Under the Care Act 2014, everyone is assessed using the same eligibility criteria, regardless of the nature of their disability or health condition. This means your assessment is based on what support you need, rather than why you need it.

If you need specialist support, this may be provided by our Learning Disability Team. The LD Team are made up of Adult Social Care staff and NHS staff, which means they can support with both health and social care needs.

We use the British Psychological Society definition of learning disability, which means the team supports people who have a significant impairment of intellectual, adaptive or social functioning that started before age 18.


Young people in transition from children’s services who meet this criteria are usually referred by their current support service after their 16th birthday. We can sometimes accept self-referrals where the young person is not supported by children’s services, for example where needs are met by the family. If eligible, support would start at age 18.

Care and Support Options

Search ‘learning disability’ on the Healthwatch Service Directory for local care and support options, services and activities providing specialist support for people with learning disabilities.

Your care and support options can be anything that meets the needs agreed in your support plan.

Portsmouth Learning Disabilities Partnership Board (PLDPB)

Portsmouth Learning Disabilities Partnership Board (PLDPB) is made up of service users, parents and carers, service providers and anyone else with an interest in services for adults with Learning Disabilities in Portsmouth.

The Board has the aim of supporting all adults with a learning disability in Portsmouth to lead independent, fulfilled and active lives

You can find out more on the Portsmouth Learning Disabilities Partnership Board page.

Paying for Care

Adult Social Care is means tested, which means you may be asked to contribute or pay in full for the services you receive. Please see our Paying for Adult Social Care page for more information.

Accessible information

We can provide an Easy Read version of leaflets or letters the council sends. If you would prefer to have Adult Social Care information in Easy Read, please contact the Adult Learning Disability Team: