In line with our new Greening Strategy, we want Portsmouth to be a green and healthy city where all our residents can easily spend time in nature-rich green spaces. We want networks of nature-rich green spaces and places across Portsmouth that provide cooling on hotter days and help reduce flooding.

These nature-rich green spaces will improve air quality and enable wildlife to move across the city more easily. A green and nature-rich city will enhance our everyday moments as we all notice nature and look to spend more time outside. As a result, the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all those living and working in Portsmouth will be improved.

To achieve this, we all need to take action.

What we're doing

  1. Creating a resilient treescape that provides benefits for all residents and is resistant to future climate-related weather events, pests and diseases.
  2. Working with nature to create accessible climate-resilient spaces with a focus on delivering projects in areas most vulnerable to climate-related weather events or where the community or specific population groups may be more vulnerable to the impacts of climate-related weather events.
  3. Increasing opportunities for nature-rich spaces across the city through changing mowing practices, creating new wildflower meadows and planting native hedgerows.
  4. Understanding how we can incorporate nature-based solutions into our grey infrastructure where this is appropriate.
  5. Working with organisations across Portsmouth to understand how we can support all residents have access to nature-rich green spaces.

Past and current projects

In the next two years, we will:

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in helping us to create our green and healthy city, or simply want to enjoy the city’s parks and open spaces, you can:

Spend more time in nature in Portsmouth

Help nature

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