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What we're doing

What you can do

We are at cross-roads when it comes to climate change. It’s too late to wait for someone else to provide a solution – we need to take action.

We take our role in addressing the challenge of climate change head on. That’s why we declared a climate emergency in March 2019, and it’s why we’re continuing to invest in schemes and projects, large and small, that can make a difference to our city and our planet.

Councils can influence investment, submit bids for government schemes and make it possible for local communities and businesses to make more sustainable choices. But the scale and nature of the changes we need to make to avoid the consequences of a rise in global warming above 1.5°C mean we need everyone on board. It means changing the way we choose to live, and that needs to be a movement from the ground up.

There is no one solution to climate change, but there are changes we can all make. This page sets out what we as a council are doing to affect change, and it also sets out what you can do to be part of it.

We invite you to be the change as we start our journey to carbon neutrality in 2030.

Our new climate change strategy is being published soon and then will be updated annually.