In additional to the National mandatory documents you are also required to submit:

Where the application relates to a use, a building operation, or non-compliance with a condition –

  1. The date that the use (or breach of condition) started, or the date on which the building was substantially complete
  2.  Any use class the applicant considers to be applicable
  3. In the case of a breach of condition, details of the relevant application

2 copies of evidence supporting your application. Documentary evidence could include where appropriate:

  • Utility Bills
  •  Council tax bills
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Sworn statements or affidavits from people with personal knowledge of the site
  • Environmental health records (if related to a commercial premises or hmo’s)
  • An explanatory statement
  • Photographic evidence
  • Copies of bills / invoices, company accounts
  • Copies of previous planning permissions

If your application relates to a building operation or use of a building you are required to submit 2 copies of the following (in addition to the documents listed above):

  1. Existing and original floor plans for all applications involving the use of a building to a
    scale of not less than 1:100.
  2. Existing and original elevations for all building works to a scale of not less than 1:100.

The burden of proof in an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development lies firmly with the applicant. Therefore clear and precise information, supported by sufficient evidence, must be provided to enable the Council to make a complete and accurate assessment against current planning legislation. Failure to submit all the required information may result in the refusal of your application.