including the geographic centre of the city

Portsmouth City Council has used the council’s Geographic Information System (GIS) to calculate the geographic centre of Portsmouth.

Geographic centres

  • land only geographic centre is approximately 31 Kenyon Road, North End – British National Grid Reference: 465625.99 102495.00
  • geographic centre of Portsmouth’s administrative area, which includes the sea, is approximately Whaley Road, Whale Island – British National Grid Reference: 463702.95 102490.95.
Portsmouth geographic areashectares (ha)acressq miles
Administrative area of land and sea6,019.0014,874.0023.20
Land area4,028.009,954.0015.50
Sea area of Portsmouth Harbour1,431.183,536.545.53
Sea area of Langstone Harbour537.611,328.472.08

These figures have been calculated using the City Council’s Geographic Information System (GIS) and may be different to other published figures.