Portsmouth City Council recognises the impact of procurement activities on the environment, and actively pursues a policy of sustainable procurement.

Sustainable procurement

This means that an organisation meets its need for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that benefits the organisation, society and the economy while minimising environmental damage. You can read our Sustainability Strategy below.

Responsible procurement

Responsible procurement means environmentally, socially (ethically) and economically responsible purchasing, which works together with sustainability, equalities & diversity and the need to obtain best value whilst observing transparency and fairness. Our Responsible Procurement policy document is available to download below.

Help from council suppliers

We need the commitment of our suppliers to share in a more environmental approach, and ask suppliers to reassess their practices throughout their supply chain to achieve a more sustainable approach.

We understand that this can’t happen overnight and may seem a daunting prospect. However we are here to help.

For advice on how you can make a difference, email procurement@portsmouthcc.gov.uk or call 023 9283 4995.