What to do if unwanted light is coming into your home from a streetlight

This page gives you guidance and information on what to do if you have concerns about light coming into your home from a streetlight.

Black out curtains and blinds are very effective in stopping light shining into homes from street lights. However, if you are still concerned you can request an assessment for a shield to be added to the street light. If the assessment shows a shield is needed this will cost the person making the request £112.86. Shields are not suitable for all locations or with all lamp types and this is why the assessment is important to ensure it can effectively reduce light going directly into your home before you make a purchase. Please be aware that the assessment can take up to 28 days.

To request an assessment report your concerns via the report it form or call the city help desk on 023 9282 2251.

For more information on the assessment process please read the Guidance document below.