IBMS car park Decremental Card

Please note the following guidelines when using your Decremental card

  1. Ensure that your card is not kept or stored next to a mobile phone, radio equipment or anything magnetic, as well as stored in places that will not bend or heat damage the card such as sun visors.
  2. the options are pay £51 for £120 worth of credit or pay £102 for £264 worth of credit
  3. Decremental Cards are valid 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The charge is deducted from the card on exit.
  4. To check the credit on the card, present the card at the symbol at the barrier on the pay machine. Presenting the card at the symbol on the pay station will advise the amount of credit remaining. Press the validation and confirmation button to allow you to enter your debit/credit card to pay for the ‘top-up’.
  5. When you enter or leave the multi-storey car park do not force your card into the machine at the barrier. You need to hold the card up against the symbol on the machine and the barrier will lift.
  6. In the event of you card not allowing you to exit the multi-storey car park, use the telephone at the Help Point to call for assistance but if this is due to there not being enough credit on the card you will not be let out and will have to purchase a day ticket that is non-refundable.
  7. Your Decremental Card does not guarantee you a parking space within the multi-storey car park.
  8. We change an Administration Fee of £10.00 to replace lost or damaged cards.