Portsmouth City council’s licensing policy is to:

  • provide a first class licensing and registration service reflecting on the requirements of public safety
  • consider and consult the views of residents to ensure public order and prevent nuisances associated with the use of licensed premises
  • consider and consult the views of licence holders to help them provide a good public service
  • reduce bureaucracy, red tape and jargon for the public, applicants and licence holders and to review our working practises constantly
  • take strong enforcement action, be pro-active and maintain good links with the Police, Fire Brigade and other agencies
  • ensure fairness and consideration (on merit) of each and every licensing application
  • be honest, open in our dealings and approachable
  • To admit our mistakes and learn from them
  • implement the policies of the Licensing Committee and have regard to the council’s core values, priorities and pledges
  • abide by our own pledges.

Our Pledges

We want to help and will do our best to work to the standards shown in our policy statement and abide by the following pledges:

  • Guarantee to see you after office hours if prior arrangements have been made
  • Answer telephone calls in 5 rings
  • Respond to letters received within 10 working days (where possible)
  • Respond to the public counter and other reception enquiries within 5 minutes
  • Treat you fairly and give you our full attention
  • Comply with the obligations of the Human Rights Act 1998 so far as this relates to:

1. recognising that a license or permission is a “possession” under article 1(1) of the 1st protocol;

2. recognising that in consideration of licensing decisions, we will ensure a fair and balanced hearing for any individual in accordance with article 6 of the Act;

3. making available for public inspection a guide to the Act.

  • Give clear answers to your questions
    • Visit you at home if you cannot get to us for any reason
    • Renew your licence immediately and on demand (where legally permissible)
    • Respond to urgent (emergency) enquiries out of office hours the same day where possible but always within 72 hours

If we fail to meet these standards then let us know.