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Help with recovery from drug problems

A drug is a chemical substance that acts on the brain and nervous system, changing a person’s mood, emotion or state of consciousness.

Drugs are often classified by the effect they have.

  • stimulants, such as cocaine, make people feel full of energy
  • depressants (or sedatives), such as heroin, make people feel relaxed
  • hallucinogens, such as LSD, make people see, feel or hear things that are not real

Drug misuse is when a person regularly takes one or more drugs to change their mood, emotion or state of consciousness.

If you are concerned about your use of drugs or other substances, then you can turn to one of the Portsmouth services below for confidential, impartial advice and information.

If you are concerned about a loved one’s drug use, then you may also find this page helpful.

For information about substance misuse support for Portsmouth residents under 19 visit the DASS page.

Where can I get help?

Drug services in Portsmouth can help you stop or cut down. Recovery from drug problems is achievable. It is much easier with support.

There are a range of services including drop in sessions, peer support groups, specialist counselling and group sessions to help you.

Substitute medication (methadone) and supported detoxification are available.

Your GP can refer you to services or you can contact some services directly.

A confidential needle exchange service is available across Portsmouth. Sharing needles can lead to serious health problems. These are the pharmacies offering needle exchange.

Meet recovering addicts to help you along your journey

There are several peer-supported drug recovery services in Portsmouth that you can get in contact with:

Find out more about drug misuse

For further useful information go to any of the following sites:

  • FRANK is the national drug advice service
  • Recovery Hub for access to drug and alcohol support services