The university student population has grown since 2000 which has created an increased demand for student accommodation in the form of halls of residence or Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs or shared housing).

Halls of residence are no longer provided solely by the university and many schemes for purpose-built student accommodation are being bought forward by the private sector.  At present there is no guidance as to what constitutes a hall of residence,  nor any standards regarding the type and size of accommodation that should be provided for students.

The Student Halls of Residence Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted on 7 October 2014 and sets out:

  • a definition of Halls of Residence to distinguish them from HMOs
  • a set of standards that the council requires to ensure a good standard of accommodation is provided, and that Halls of Residence are properly managed to secure the provision of comfortable, affordable accommodation for students while reducing the likelihood of any negative impacts on residential amenity.

If you have any queries about this SPD, please email or call 023 9268 8633.