After completing the necessary background work to propose charging rates, including infrastructure planning and an assessment of viability, we consulted on a preliminary draft and a draft of the charging schedule.  We then submitted a charging schedule for independent examination on 15 August 2011.


We appointed David Hogger BA MSc MRTPI MIHT to conduct the examination of the Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule.  His role was to consider whether our proposed charging schedule meets the requirements of the Planning Act 2008 and associated regulations in respect of legal compliance and viability.  The examination focussed on the following questions:

  • is the draft schedule supported by background documents containing appropriate evidence?
  • are the proposed rates informed by and consistent with the evidence on economic viability across the city? Are they reasonable and realistic?
  • has evidence been provided to show that the proposed rates would not put at serious risk the overall development of Portsmouth?

There were no requests for hearings.  The submitted representations and the further information which was requested by the examiner formed the basis of his report.  Below you will find information on the examination, the questions that the examiner asked us and our responses.

Examiner’s report

The examiner has now issued his report which concluded that the charging schedule provides an appropriate basis for collecting the levy in the city.  The examiner recommended that the charging schedule is approved by the city council in its published form, without changes. Please find the documents regarding the examiners report below.

Submitted charging schedule key Documents

Examiner questions and our responses

More information

Further information can be found on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) homepage.