Find out how we allocate and spend money raised from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Strategic CIL

80% of total CIL receipts are allocated to be spent on strategic infrastructure to support the development of the city. This spend is currently restricted to items referred to in the Infrastructure List contained in our published Infrastructure Funding Statement.

Neighbourhood CIL

The neighbourhood portion of the levy can be spent on a wider range of projects than the rest of the levy, provided that it meets the requirement to ‘support the development of the area’.

15% of total CIL receipts can be spent on local priorities in and around the ward where development has taken place.

Where a neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development order has been made, the neighbourhood will benefit from 25% of the levy revenues (uncapped) arising from the development that takes place in their area and the relevant neighbourhood forum will be consulted as part of the spend process.

Up to 5% of total CIL receipts can be spent on administrative expenses incurred in connection with CIL and are allocated for such purposes.

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Milton Neighbourhood Plan

On 11 October 2022 Full Council adopted the Milton Neighbourhood Plan (MNP) as part of the Development Plan for Portsmouth.

The MNP has an impact on the CIL spend Neighbourhood Portion. 25% of CIL income from affected developments (where planning permission first permits development in the MNP area on or after this date) will be directed to the CIL Neighbourhood pot for that ward instead of 15%.

The MNP area not only covers a large proportion of the Milton ward, but also the southern part of Baffins ward. The Draft Neighbourhood Portion Spend Guidance Note includes an illustrative map of the Portsmouth wards and the area spanning the Milton Neighbourhood Plan Area.

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Monitoring CIL

The Regulation 62 Report contains CIL collection and spend details for financial years 2012/13-2018/19.

The Infrastructure Funding Statement

The Government Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations introduced the requirement for the Council to publish an Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) on an annual basis. The IFS sets out how developer contributions have been and will be used to provide infrastructure within the city of Portsmouth.

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Neighbourhood CIL funded projects

This shows an overview of the Neighbourhood CIL funded projects.