Portsmouth's polling districts, wards and constituencies

Portsmouth City Council is divided into 14 wards; St Thomas, St Jude, Central Southsea, Eastney & Craneswater, Milton, Fratton, Charles Dickens, Baffins, Nelson, Copnor, Hilsea, Paulsgrove, Cosham and Drayton & Farlington.

Each of these wards is represented by three city councillors. City Council elections are held in three years out of every four, and elect one councillor per ward.

Please note that these dates could be amended in the event of a General Election or a European Parliamentary Election.

Parliamentary constituencies

Portsmouth City Council is divided into two parliamentary constituencies, Portsmouth South and Portsmouth North, which each comprise the wards listed in the table at the bottom of the page. Each constituency is represented by a Member of Parliament (MP).

To determine whether your Parliamentary constituency and local MP are based in Portsmouth North or Portsmouth South, please enter your postcode at findyourmp.parliament.uk.

European Parliamentary Constituency

Portsmouth City Council is part of the South East region European Parliamentary Constituency. There are 10 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) that represent the South East region.

For further information on elected representatives, please see our Democracy website.

Polling districtCity Council wardUK parliamentary constituencyEuropean parliamentary constituency
HA, HB, HC, HD, HEBaffins Portsmouth NorthSouth East region
CA, CB, CC, CD, CECentral SouthseaPortsmouth SouthSouth East region
GA, GB, GC, GD, GE, GFCharles DickensPortsmouth SouthSouth East region
JA, JB, JC, JD, JE, JFCopnor Portsmouth NorthSouth East region
MA, MB, MC, MD, MECosham Portsmouth NorthSouth East region
NA, NB, NC, ND, NE, NF, NGDrayton & Farlington Portsmouth NorthSouth East region
DA, DB, DC, DD, DE, DFEastney & CraneswaterPortsmouth SouthSouth East region
FA, FB, FC, FD, FEFrattonPortsmouth SouthSouth East region
KA, KB, KC, KD, KE, KFHilsea Portsmouth NorthSouth East region
EA, EB, EC, ED, EEMiltonPortsmouth SouthSouth East region
IA, IB, IC, ID, IE, IFNelson Portsmouth NorthSouth East region
LA, LB, LC, LD, LE, LF, LGPaulsgrove Portsmouth NorthSouth East region
BA, BB, BC, BD, BESt JudePortsmouth SouthSouth East region
AA, AB, AC, AD, AESt ThomasPortsmouth SouthSouth East region