The reports show payments of £500 or more paid within the calendar month indicated, and include all payments to suppliers for goods or services (excluding schools) regardless of the source of funding. This means not all expenditure represents a direct cost to the council tax payer; some is funded from the rents paid by council tenants or from specific grants and contributions.

The reports show the original transaction and does not reflect any subsequent correction.

The data in the reports has been extracted from Portsmouth City Council’s financial accounting system, and also includes payments made via CHAPS (the electronic, bank to bank, payment system that guarantees same business day payment).

You are free to use or re-use this published data under the same terms as the Open Government Licence.

Explanation of payments to suppliers report

The data is presented showing the Service Area, Service Division and Expense Type for each transaction in accordance with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountability Service Reporting Accounting Code of Practice (SeRCOP). This is the recognised format for the publication of local authority accounts which ensures consistency and comparability of data between public sector organisations.

The categorisation shown as Responsible Unit and Detail Expense Type are the council’s own internal classification of the expenditure.

If we make payments to individuals or sole traders, we remove the supplier names to comply with the Data Protection Act.

The columns and values are explained in more detail in the Payments to suppliers reports – explanation table.

Explanation of transactions using a Government Procurement Card

The Local Government Transparency Code 2014 requires local authorities to publish details of all transactions using a Government Procurement Card. Details of every transaction using a Government Procurement Card are available from the Government Procurement Card Transactions section, and are updated quarterly.


Government Procurement Card Transactions

Payments to suppliers above £500


Payments to suppliers

Payments to suppliers above £500