You can now get free Wi-Fi at more than 70 buildings around the city thanks to My City Wi-Fi which allows anyone to get free superfast internet access without entering a password or any personal details.

Sites include the Civic Offices, museums, libraries, community centres, housing offices, sports venues and more. The full list is available below.

147 Allaway AvenuePO6 4HE
Alderman Lacey LibraryPO3 6HU
Anchorage Lodge Community CentrePO3 5UB
Baffins Community CentrePO3 6NS
Beddow LibraryPO4 8PR
Beechside Respite CentrePO6 1DA
Brunel Centre Community CentrePO2 7HX
Buckland Adventure PlaygroundPO2 7BA
Buckland Children CentrePO1 4PN
Buckland Community CentrePO2 7BL
Buckland Housing OfficePO2 7DP
Campion PlacePO5 1JG
Carnegie LibraryPO1 5EZ
Central LibraryPO1 2DX
Charles Dickens Centre (Buckland Youth Activity Centre)PO1 4DY
Charles DickensPO1 4QL
Charter Community Sports CentrePO5 4LH
City MuseumPO1 2LJ
Civic Offices ReceptionPO1 2BQ
Continental Ferry PortPO2 8EB
Cosham Community CentrePO6 3AP
Cosham LibraryPO6 3EB
Cumberland HousePO4 9RF
D-Day MuseumPO5 3NT
Eastney Community CentrePO4 9SU
Edgbaston Community RoomPO5 4PQ
Fratton Children CentrePO1 4DY
Fratton Community CentrePO1 5JJ
GuildhallPO1 2AB
Havelock Community CentrePO4 0LQ
Henderson Road CentrePO4 9AG
Highbury Community CentrePO6 2TL
Hillside & Wymering Community CentrePO6 3PY
Landport Adventure PlaygroundPO1 1PH
Landport Community CentrePO1 1JD
Landport Housing OfficePO1 4DP
Leigh Park Housing OfficePO9 5HQ
Loewood CentrePO6 3PD
Maritime House (Victory Unit)PO2 9NA
Millgate Community RoomPO1 3BB
Milton Community CentrePO4 8PR
Milton Park, Cumberland, Baffins Children CentrePO4 8EU
Mountbatten CentrePO2 9QA
New Road CentrePO2 7PP
North End LibraryPO2 9AX
Northern Parade Children CentrePO2 9NE
Paulsgrove Adventure PlaygroundPO6 4JB
Paulsgrove Children CentrePO6 4JB
Paulsgrove Community CentrePO6 4JB
Paulsgrove Housing OfficePO6 4HG
Paulsgrove LibraryPO6 4JB
PCMI (Employment Learning and Skills Service)PO6 3EP
Pompey in the CommunityPO4 8TB
Portsea Adventure PlaygroundPO1 3PB
Portsea Housing OfficePO5 3QQ
Portsmouth Carers CentrePO4 0AD
Portsmouth Gymnastic and Tennis CentrePO2 9AD
Portsmouth Watersports CentrePO3 5LY
Register OfficePO1 3AF
Russets CentrePO2 0TX
Shearwater Care HomePO4 8QW
Skye Close Children CentrePO6 3LT
Somerstown Adventure PlaygroundPO5 4HS
Somerstown CentralPO5 4EZ
Somerstown Children CentrePO5 4PL
Southsea CastlePO5 3PA
Southsea LibraryPO5 3QQ
Square TowerPO1 2JE
Stacey Community CentrePO3 6DN
Stamshaw & Tipner Community CentrePO2 8LE
Stamshaw Adventure PlaygroundPO2 8JX
Tangiers Road Children CentrePO3 6QA
The Learning PlacePO2 8HH
Tipner Park and Ride BuildingPO2 8RD
Tipton House Community RoomPO5 4PP
Warren Avenue CentrePO4 8PY
Wecock Farm Housing OfficePO8 9GX
Wimbledon Park Sports CentrePO5 2RG